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Commercial Real Estate Executive Survey: Investment Operations & Administration

Find out what your peers think about investor expectations and their administration partners.

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About this survey

This survey was fielded from October 4 – October 20, 2021. 107 senior CRE leaders participated, representing a cross-section of regional and nationwide sponsor firms investing through funds and on a deal-by-deal basis.

We wanted to learn more about the challenges CRE investment managers are facing when it comes to investment operations and administration.

To do this, we conducted a survey of CRE executives and asked them about investor expectations, operational workflow and processes, and their experiences working with external administration partners.

What you’ll find in these survey results

Download our findings now to see what we learned with regards to:

  • Where senior CRE leaders are spending their time
  • Which tasks they’re outsourcing and why
  • The top area where sponsors need more support
  • The touchpoints that have the biggest impact on the investor experience
  • Why administrators need to do more